Let´s say you need your kitchen sinkt to be repaired, or the toilet, the tiles have broken and you need to replace them… who do you call? Of course, a craftsman. We will all agree on that: this is not an easy job and yes, things can go wrong. 

Who is liable if the called person make a mistake trying to repair your kitchen, your toilet or the tiles of your bedroom? 

When do I have to complain?

As soon as you notice a defect, you should talk to the craftsman or to the company he/she is working for. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into signing an acceptance report even though you are aware of the defects. By signing, you confirm that everything is fine. Then you only have the option of demanding rectification in the case of hidden defects. If there is a defect, you can retain part of the invoice amount until the defect is remedied.


How long do I have to complain?

The legal warranty for craftsmen is two years, for building services it is five years. If you are not satisfied with a craftsman’s work, you should set a deadline for rectification in written form, usually ten days.  As a rule, the tradesman is allowed to rectify a defect up to two times, but this is not regulated by law. But there are limits, for example if the customer cannot reasonably be expected to accept a repair. This is the case if the tradesman has behaved in such an impossible manner that the customer no longer wants to let him into the house.

What to write into the warning letter? How to solve the problem avoiding a dispute before court? Contact an attorney. We will take care of it for you.