If you are interested in one of our services, feel free to contact us for a prior estimate fees ´amount; we will provide you all the necessary information, and we will charge you our fees according to the statutory model, unless otherwise agreed on extra-judicial matters.

According to these statutory provisions, fees must be settled for each specific individual case. In civil law, the legal fees are calculated according to the so-called “value of the object”; this is based on the principle regarding the effective amount of work and the risk of liability of our lawyers. The Federal Council of Lawyers can provide further information (also regarding the amount of the charge).  For reasons of jurisdiction and competition law, we are not entitled to provide legal advice in individual cases without a mandate or without a subsequent calculation of fees.

In case of clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail/tel. and directly ask one of our attorneys for more information about our legal fees. In order to avoid worthless legal fees, please clarify in the enquiry form that cost estimation without consultation is initially requested. Following this procedure, the decision will be just yours and you will always avoid an unfavourable expense risk.

In exceptional cases, we can arrange an hourly fee or a flat rate fee on request, in order to increase the transparency of the occurring costs for our clients. Long-terms mandates are really frequent in our law firm; in these cases, we can offer you alternative compensation methods, such as monthly or annual flat fees.

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