It is common knowledge that you need a building permit if you want to build a home or a bigger building. However, a permit shall be required in Germany for many different kinds of constructions.

A permit may also be required if a conversion, extension or expansion is planned. Mere maintenance work, such as repairs or improvements, on the other hand, does not generally require a building permit.

Surprisingly, the demolition of an existing building may also require a building permit. A building permit may also be required if no changes are to be made to the building structure, but the building is going to be used for a different purpose in the future.

Simplification of this permit proceeding exists: 

In public building law, there are numerous exceptions to the permit requirement in order to simplify and expedite the building permit process.

Buildings and garages up to a certain size shall not require the general building permit. Therefore, a building permit is regularly not required in the inner area if a summer house is to be erected.

In these cases, it is always recommended to contact the municipality in which the building shall be built.

But beware: Even if no building permit is required, this does not release you from compliance with the building regulations!

The builder must ensure on his own responsibility that the construction law is complied with. Otherwise, it may be necessary to fear the intervention of a building inspectorate, up to and including removal. In case of doubt, therefore, ask first before starting construction.

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