Private construction law regulates civil law, property and neighbouring rights and works contracts for preparation and execution of a construction project – such as architectural contracts, construction contracts etc.-. Private construction law concerns the legal relations between the non-public authorities involved in the construction. Contracts between customers (builder, general contractor, and plant engineers), the planners and the contractors are considered the main activities in connection with private construction law.

The entire construction law has a high regulatory density and this means that the attorney/lawyer has to consider a variety of regulations in private construction law.

The legal facts that have to be evaluated appear to be very technical in private construction law. Thanks to our interdisciplinary knowledge of technical, commercial and legal details, we are able to offer optimal advice and representation for any matter regarding the private building law. We take care of every aspect of construction law and we work to increase the added value of your construction:

  • Preparation and examination of the contracts of developers, craftsmen and architects;
  • Out-of-court and judicial enforcement of warranty claims in the contract of work/construction law;
  • Conduction of autonomous evidence´s procedures;
  • Wages and fees of the contractor and architects;
  • Securing of the claim.


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