Are you planning a construction project in Germany and have no idea what all this regulation are all about? If you are new in this country, you may already know that we are passionate about clarifying every step of a construction project with fixing and specific regulations. Nothing is left to the case at least it is already intended to.

Did you know for instance that if you are building your home on your property in Germany, you can’t just go for each color you may what to, or kind of home, floors, plants in your garden etc. You need to follow the so-call “Bauplan” issued from the city for this specific zone/district. If the city workers have been benevolent you may also have heard about § 34 BauGB.

§ 34 BauGB, either independently or in addition to a simple development plan in accordance with Section 30 (3) BauGB, forms the planning law standard for the admissibility of building projects in coherently developed districts. Insofar as a qualified or project-related development plan, exists and is effective, there is no room for the application of § 34 BauGB. In addition, the inner area of § 34 BauGB must be delimited from the outer area according to § 35 BauGB. The demarcation takes place here according to the actually existing development.

In easy words: the standards of the area of construction/disctricts are to be respected.

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