The contractual relation between the employee and the employer is always a matter of labor law.

The Construction Labor Law is characterized by generally binding collective agreements and minimum wages (German BRTv and VTV).  Of particular importance is that the hiring of personnel follows the regulation of the Law on Temporary Works (AÜG), the minimum wage and the contributions is regulated by the Act on the Employment of Workers (AEntG) and corresponding regulations from the social code.

Furthermore, numerous legal specifications about the costs must be observed, such as tariffs ´deadlines (§15 BRTV), holiday fund proceedings (through the SOKA-Bau), the liability of a general contractor under the Act on the Employment  “Arbeitnehmerentsendegesetz (AEntG)” and the German Social Security Statute Book, or so-called “Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB)” and various other reporting obligations. Construction Labor Law can help solving problems relating to false self-employment or illegal employment.

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