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We are here to inform you and advice you in all legal matters regarding construction law, real estate law and procurement law.

During the planning or realization of a building plan, the building contract treaties provide a successful interaction of all those involved in the construction project. The construction project can obviously neither be planned without errors nor implemented without a single defect. Planning errors or misrepresentations can always lead to legal disputes. The constructional delimitation between planning errors and execution errors is sometimes difficult to recognize.

Technical Expertise in Construction Law

In construction law, a long-lasting legal and technical expertise and a great practical experience help with the successful enforcement of building rights possible claims.

We represent construction companies, building contractors, and developers. We are here to support you in the projecting phase, advise you in the planning, creation or examination of contracts, and to legally represent you in order to protect your rights even in court, if necessary. We advise and represent you in private construction law, from simple construction projects to large scale projects. Furthermore, we also deal with public buildings law relating issues, construction insolvency law and technical construction rights.

We take care of every legal aspect concerning construction law and we make sure to make the added value of your construction increase.

Construction Law- Attorneys in Germany

Our team of construction law experts can offer you a proven technical understanding, which is indispensable in building legal matters. Some of our attorneys also have a degree in technical/natural science (engineers, physics etc.), and they have studied the basic principles of building physics or technical mechanics.


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