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Right of pre-emption of a government body on land located in its operating area with a view to developing social housing

JUDGMENT OF THE COURT (Fourth Chamber) 20 September 2018 (*) (Reference for a preliminary ruling — Fundamental freedoms — Articles 21, 45, 49 and 63 TFEU — Directive 2004/38/EC — Articles 22 and 24 — Right of pre-emption of a government body on land located in its operating area with a view to developing social […]

Public Procurement Law

Public procurement concerns the granting of rights and the right to award public contracts. The Procurement Law regulates the awarding of public contracts to companies. The aim of the grant is to provide the contracting authority with material and personal resources at the most inexpensive and, at the same time best conditions. It also prevents […]

German Real Estate Law

Our attorneys are experts in real estate law. We advise on real estate transactions, in contractual design of purchase / usage / projects agreements, we legally support you in the financing of a transaction, in the project development and in the use of a property (tenancy law / tenancy agreements). In addition to our expertise […]

German Architectural Law

The architectural law determines rights and obligations of the architect to his client and to third parties. Architectural Law is still missing a uniform and integrated Architect´s Act; the individual provisions that regard this area of Law are contained in various laws and legal acts. Furthermore, the majority of details that regards architectural law are […]

German Construction Labor Law

The contractual relation between the employee and the employer is always a matter of labor law. The Construction Labor Law is characterized by generally binding collective agreements and minimum wages (German BRTv and VTV).  Of particular importance is that the hiring of personnel follows the regulation of the Law on Temporary Works (AÜG), the minimum […]

Construction Law in Germany

Horak Attorneys at Law, advise and represent you as a specialists in the legal field of construction law and architectural law, both in the construction process and in arbitration proceedings. Construction Law for Building Companies and Tradesmen As far as concerned the private construction law, we offer the following services for craftsmen, medium-sized construction companies, […]